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We understand the issues of parents with children who have additional needs. Tor Goodman, a paediatric nurse has built JIGSAW over the last 3 years and is always looking to improve and expand what we do and the numbers of individuals and families we can assist.


JIGSAW was set up by parents to provide support and understanding and practical help for local families who face the challenges of having a child with additional needs.

JIGSAW stands for:
Joining In, Gaining Support, Awareness and Well-being
and these are the tenets we live by.


Jigsaw is a not-for-profit organisation - a Community Interest Company ; it is led by Tor - Managing Director; supported by three Directors; Sarah Martin - Tor's right hand - logistics, strategy, often seen at events but also at the core of business development; Mark Goodman (the surnames are a coincidence - not related to Tor!) - administration and development and Sabina Goodman - supporting the finances and business coordination.

In May 2017 the organisation was awarded Charity status; with a set of dynamic, enthusiastic and very capable trustees being taken on.  With this exciting change, the responsibilities for the running of the organisation are being carefully and seamlessly passed across to this new set of trustees over the coming months.  Tor, Sarah, Mark and Sabina will still be there, though, focusing on the same operational elements as before; but now part of a bigger team, ready to take on the excitement and challenges of the future.

Whilst these are the directors and Trustees, the organisation runs with a huge cohort of volunteers and people willing to help resource the organisation - our huge thank you and our acknowledgment can be seen here
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