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Supporting families who have children with any additional needs or disabilities.  We make everyone feel that they fit in, no matter what.



Joining in Gaining Support Awareness and Wellbeing

JIGSAW Thornbury was founded in March 2013. We support families who have children who are 0-25 years and have any additional needs or disability. This can be anything from learning needs such as dyslexia to complex disabilities or medical problems. Many children who come have no diagnosis.​  Our staff and volunteers are passionate about supporting families to help them get the support they need.


SEN-sory lending library and café

Our SEN-sory lending library and café has around 300 specialist items for families to borrow. We have Special Educational Needs (SEN) equipment and resources, developmental toys & sensory items. We even have toys for siblings to borrow. We are always looking to expand our library and welcome donations or recommendations from families.

our drop in support group

Our weekly support group gives parents the opportunity to drop in and share their concerns in a safe and understanding environment.  The session provides a fun and relaxed play environment for the children and their families to attend.  We have items from the Lending Library available and volunteers on hand to play with the children.  This gives parents and carers the chance to chat and give and receive the support they need.


Our Upcoming Events & Activities

There are no upcoming events at this time.

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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To access any of our resources or attend our regular or one off events you must be a member of JIGSAW Thornbury.  It is free to join.  All you need to do is fill out a membership form and we will issue you with a membership number and card.  You will need to input this number when booking events through the website.



Our Latest News 

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Virtual JIGSAW Sensory Saturday – Make your own slime

Virtual JIGSAW Sensory Saturday – Make your own slime

Make your own alien slime! This sensory play activity stimulates all five of your children's senses, enabling them to build their creativity and learn through exploration. This fun activity promotes the development of fine motor skills and co-ordination whilst having...

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Virtual JIGSAW Family Friday – How to play Boccia at home

Virtual JIGSAW Family Friday – How to play Boccia at home

Our friends at Gympanzees show us how to play Boccia at home. Boccia can be adapted to suit all abilities and disabilities - all you need is a few pairs of socks. This activity will promote positive well-being and physical health! Your children will practise their...

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Virtual JIGSAW Thankful Thursday – Sunshine

Virtual JIGSAW Thankful Thursday – Sunshine

Take 5 minutes out of your day to think about who is the sunshine that makes your day. Is it your children who make you proud? Is it your parents or carers that cheer you up when you're feeling low? Is it your friends who make you laugh until your belly hurts? Write...

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