Our Foundation Partner's Scheme

The Foundation Partners Scheme involves our family, education and corporate partners coming together to make Jigsaw a success. In the same way the foundations of a house need to be strong to hold up the house, so the foundations of Jigsaw need to do the same to ensure we can last long into the future.

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Family Partners Scheme

Family partners contribute a small regular sum from as little as £2 per month to JIGSAW. Our Family Partners Scheme is voluntary.  No family will be excluded from any activity if they do not wish to become a Family Partner.

Education Partners Scheme

We will be launching our Education partners scheme soon with pilot schools.  The aim is to provide affordable and reciprocal services with pre schools, mainstream primary and secondary schools as well as special schools. 

Corporate Partners

Our Corporate Partners can make a real difference to our organisation and it can be a highly rewarding relationship for all.  By helping us our Corporate Partners gain publicity for their business as well as making a real impact on their community.  

Providing strong foundations to support our families 

At the core of our organisation are our families and around them are all the people who support us, from the local community, to businesses and educational establishments.
To be strong we need to all work together, drawing strength from each other to provide a sustainable organisation to support all our families.