As we approach the year mark for when the country went into its first lockdown and we had to close the doors of our cosy Family Base, we never thought we wouldn’t have managed face to face sessions there by now!

Sadly, we have recently found out that we won’t ever be able to hold sessions there again, as it has been condemned due to deterioration of the building. We always knew we were only able to be there for a limited period, but we didn’t expect it to be quite this way.

See coverage in the local news here click here

However, sometimes out of bad comes good! We are currently in negotiations about an exciting new venue that will be in the heart of Thornbury and we are prioritising bringing all our activities together and making sure we have an accessible area to run our services.

The JIGSAW team are busy packing boxes and getting things ready to move so you may have noticed we have had to reduce our current range of services, but we will get them back up and running as soon as we can.  We are all looking forward to welcoming you all to our new space and get back to more face to face activities with you all.



To help us make this move possible and deliver a wider range of services, would you consider giving regularly to JIGSAW Thornbury? We have almost 600 members now – if just a few of our members gave a little each month it would make such a difference to what we could achieve!  We now have an easy way to do this through the donate page of our website

With thanks

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Tor Goodman, CEO & Founder.