Our lending library offers books and items for families to borrow.

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What is it?

The library offers around 500 specialist items for families to borrow. Items include toys, Special Educational Needs (SEN) equipment, developmental toys, switch equipment & sensory items.
We are gradually expanding this resource and welcome donations which may help other families.

When is it?

We are excited to announce that our Lending Library will be fully up and running again soon. We will be launching our new online database which will make it easier for members to navigate our catalogue and borrow items. Watch this space for more news soon.

Why come along?

The lending library and café offer you the opportunity to borrow items that may help your child that you are not able to purchase at the moment.  It also has reading materials that provide guidance if you are faced with a particular issue.  It is also a chance to meet other members of our group and enjoy a cake!

What’s on at JIGSAW Thornbury 

We run a number of different events that can be booked for your child and training sessions for parents and carers.