JIGSAW will be participating in a webinar series offered by South Glos Mental Health Team as part of Children’s Mental Health Week (1st – 7th February 2021) and continuing through the month.

Lindsey Hall, our Training Coordinator, will present webinar and bitesize training sessions around mental health and wellbeing aimed at Young People, Parents, Carers and people working with young people either professionally or as a volunteer.

The theme for this week is ‘Express Yourself’ and our first session will be a fun interactive session with young people:

Colour my Life – Tuesday 2 February (16.30-17.30) – An art themed session teaching young people to acknowledge and express thoughts, feelings and emotions through doodling.  Everyone will have the opportunity to take part in a live interactive group doodle or personal doodle with coloured pens and paper from home or, use an online tool. This webinar is suitable for young people aged 10+

For the remainder of the month there will be webinars or bitesize training sessions around CYP Mental Health. 

Up Down and Offline – Monday 8 February (19.00-20.30) – Regulating and grounding emotions is important to reconnect and communicate for support. This session aims to give tools to parents/carers to develop confidence and awareness to support a child in sensory mental overload and fatigue, who is offline and at risk of meltdown.

Self-Care to Care – Tuesday 9 February (19.00-20.00) – Why looking after yourself first as a parent will prevent compassion fatigue and exhausted parenting

MAD for Life – Monday 15 February (16.30-17.30) – Mindfulness and Direction: this session talks about how mindfulness and relaxation can improve mental capacity, connections and communication to support learning and focus

Meet Me in the Middle – Tuesday 25 February (13.00-14.30) – Supporting the mental health needs of children with additional needs.  Where to start and why it’s important to work with and meet young people with additional needs in the middle.  This is session is ideal for volunteers and professionals working with children with additional needs as well as parents and carers.

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