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Without our amazing volunteers JIGSAW Thornbury couldn’t exist.

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Thank you to all our JIGSAW volunteers who give up their valuable time and energy to support our families and help make their lives better. Without you JIGSAW would not be possible!

If you would like to help JIGSAW by volunteering your time then we would love to hear from you!  It may be that you could help run an event or become a regular volunteer.  Volunteering is a rewarding experience and a great way to give back to your community.


our volunteers

What they have to say

“I decided to volunteer with JIGSAW for a few different reasons. Firstly the huge amount of support and resources for me and my daughter. The feeling of inclusion and being understood is fantastic. Secondly I am unable to work due to disability, my own and my daughters. JIGSAW is able offer Flexible volunteering roles. I can use my skills and experience from my working career for good.”


“I wanted to be a volunteer to help other children like my brother. It’s great fun, everyone is friendly and it feels like a big family.”

Grace (aged 9)

Junior Volunteer

“I admit to having known very little about JIGSAW before I volunteered but having left paid work earlier in 2018, I wanted to be able to continue to use the skills I’d developed over the years. The opportunity to join the team arose in October 2018 and I was impressed by the ethos of the organisation and felt welcomed by a team whose passion and enthusiasm are clearly evident. I hope my small contribution adds value to the team.”