• To join in just click on the Zoom link which has been sent to you by e-mail from the Events Team. In some cases you may need to use the password which will also be found in the email you have been sent.
  • If you are new to using Zoom you may find this short video helpful to watch beforehand Click Here Try to familiarise yourself with how Zoom works so that you can support your child as necessary in the session.
  • Ensure access to a stable, secure internet connection.
    If you experience poor internet quality it can help to restrict others’ internet use in the household, especially streaming videos or Gaming, during the session time.
    If connection drops, the JIGSAW host will attempt to reconnect online, and, if that fails, call you by phone (on the mobile number provided with your booking), or email to rearrange if not.
  • Please join the session with your audio on mute so that everyone can hear the session host clearly. Turn your audio on if you want to raise a question or interact.
  • Choose how much you see on the screen – find out about different views Click Here
  • For some of our events you may wish to pin the video of the person delivering the activity to make it easier to follow. You can read about pinning a video Click Here
  • Your child can interact as much or as little as they choose. If they are anxious initially you may want to turn off video and audio and turn them on as they adjust to how Zoom works.
    One of our members recommends this approach for an anxious child:
    “Turn off the video and audio and just pin the person leading the session to the main screen so you can’t see anyone else or yourself.”
  • Some children and indeed adults may find it helps to choose ‘hide myself’ so they cannot see themselves on their own screen. You can find out how to Click Here
  • If your child isn’t ready to turn on their video or audio they may find using the chat function is an option to interact. Please note due to safeguarding our meeting chat only allows chat to everyone or to host. More information on using the in meeting chat can be found here Click Here
  • They may also like to use the non-verbal feedback option during the meeting which the JIGSAW host will monitor. To find out how to use Click Here
  • There is also meeting reactions which you can learn about here Click Here


While JIGSAW Thornbury have taken every care in choosing virtual events that we feel will be enjoyable and successful, the organisation does not take any responsibility for any injuries or accidents occurred while taking part in any JIGSAW organised Zoom event.

To limit any risk, we ask that a responsible adult is present at all times with participating children and able to assist and intervene as necessary.

Please ensure that you are happy with the backdrop of your screen/video. This is to prevent you inadvertently sharing any confidential information or photos to the group.

We also ask that everyone seen on camera is wearing appropriate clothing.

We are not recording our Zoom events. Participants will not be allowed to record due to safeguarding and this is set up in the meeting settings.