Could you give £10 a month to help us celebrate our 10th birthday? 


We are so proud of the impact we have for our families and know the importance of offering free and low cost services, especially when other costs are rising around us. For this reason, we will not be increasing the cost of regular services for members and will keep membership free for everyone. The cost of our charity delivering services has been and will continue to increase, so any support given is invaluable for ensuring we can continue our life changing services.

Giving £10 per month to our charity for a year could fund

  • 5 families to access our home ed support group for 1 term 
  • Resources and refreshments for 12 weeks of our developing through the senses group for preschool children with emerging needs 

This type of support is invaluable as it is the most reliable and consistent type of income we receive as a charity in comparison to other funding sources which fluctuate throughout the year. The predictability helps us to plan how and when we can deliver our life changing services to maximise the benefit for the 580 families who are members of JIGSAW.  

A long-standing regular giver, Brian, explains why supporting JIGSAW Thornbury in this way just makes sense. 

‘‘There were 3 reasons contributing to me becoming a regular donor for JIGSAW Thornbury. Firstly, the excellence of the charity and their cost effective operation. Secondly, ensuring I prioritise my giving each month, and lastly allowing JIGSAW to plan and budget their resources.’’ 

Your donation is so important to us


We saw 165 families join JIGSAW Thornbury as members between April 2022 and March 2023. This was a 45% increase in member numbers, which clearly shows that the need for our work is continuing to grow. Alongside this, we are experiencing increases in costs which could impact our ability to continue our current level of service delivery. 

“JIGSAW is a place where you can relax and be yourself, not be judged and it’s fun. By donating you can help children like us that struggle”

Sofia, Young Volunteer since 2019


Your supporter journey with us


By becoming a regular donor, you will be part of creating a huge impact, no matter how much you are able to give. 

If 10 families signed up to give just £5 per month, this could fund 6 weeks of our youth club for young people aged 14-25 with additional needs or disabilities to connect with peers and be themselves in a non-judgmental environment. 

A recently signed up regular giver, Theresa, commented ‘‘It’s so worthwhile and does so much good.’’ 

For a limited time only, sign up to give a regular donation and receive a beautiful wooden 10th birthday commemorative keyring made by Raybeam Makes. We will contact you to arrange collection or delivery once you have signed up. 

Sign up now with options for weekly or monthly giving 

We will keep you up to date with our news through our quarterly supporters’ update and you will be invited to celebrate the impact you help make happen with us at our annual JIGSAW June supporter event.  


Can’t give regularly?  Other ways to give…


We understand that family finances can be tight and unpredictable, just the same as our charity resources can be. You can help by being an advocate for JIGSAW too, encouraging family and friends to support us. We have new donate postcards to help spread the word, so please let us know if you have any ideas for places we could put these to help grow our supporter base. We will soon be looking to recruit some volunteer ambassadors who can represent JIGSAW and our impact. If you think you could do this, please get in touch or watch this space for more info soon.  

One-off donations are greatly appreciated too. Whilst they don’t give the consistency of regular giving, the boost in finances can help us to increase our impact quickly. We are trialing a new way for members to donate, helping other families to access our services. For some services there will be a normal ticket cost, a free ticket for those not able to afford the cost, or a ‘pay it forward ticket’ for those able to contribute the cost of their own ticket and donate an extra one.  

If members have any questions about this, please get in touch by emailing  

For any non-members, a one-off donation of any amount can be given through our website at any time, or in person at JIGSAW during opening hours.